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One Student at a Time

Accounting Manager

The Accounting Manager is responsible for all areas relating to financial process, including journal entries, month-end close, general ledger maintenance, bank and balance sheet reconciliations, and payroll. This position will also be responsible for developing and maintaining accounting principles, practices, and procedures to ensure accurate and timely financial statements.

June 11, 2020

Academic Mentor

As an Academic Mentor, you will mentor, support, and advise a group of students from China who are participating in a remote project-based learning course. You will guide them on their projects and provide feedback by answering any questions, ideas, and concerns throughout the course, and evaluate their final projects.

May 07, 2020

Curriculum Designer

Knovva Academy is looking for a Curriculum Designer to join our team. The Curriculum Designer will create Knovva’s educational products and learning experiences. The candidate will develop blended learning courses and curriculum materials including lesson plans, online and in-class activities, worksheets, assignments and more.

May 07, 2020

Marketing Manager

The Boston office of Knovva Academy is looking for a Marketing Manager to join our team. The Marketing Manager will oversee multiple objectives from within the marketing department ensuring that actions and items are taken and successfully completed. This position will involve management and execution of content creation and automation tools. This role will also determine strategies for creating brand awareness, reach, and sales enablement.

May 07, 2020