Social Innovation Program


Business, Social Science

about the course

A blended-learning program for high school students passionate about making a difference in their community and the world.

By the end of this program, students will:

  • Articulate their own vision, values and personal communication style
  • Collaborate with international peers to design solutions to real-world problems
  • Demonstrate an understanding of cultural and social determinants of identity
  • Research global issues they are passionate about
  • Design a mockup for a social innovation venture they are interested in launching

How can you impact the world?

In this year-long, interdisciplinary, blended learning program, we will pose this question to motivated high school students and explore the skills and knowledge needed to make an impact in today’s ever-changing world. Through online learning activities, virtual classroom discussions and in-person workshops and events, we will expose students to leading experts, inspiring innovators and current research in sociology, political science, business, and leadership studies.

Course Features

  • start time:september 2017
  • duration:6 weeks per session
  • location:online
  • student:20
  • grade:8 - 10
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Curriculum Structure
course# content
fall course 1
  • Leadership: finding your voice
fall course 2
  • introduction to innovation
fall course 3
  • leadership: collaborating across the divide
  • Model G20 summit: innovating in global politics (in-person in Cambridge)
spring course 4
  • leadership:learning to See What the World Needs
spring course 5
  • innovation: innovating for impact
spring course 6
  • leadership: how are great leaders made?
  • startup incubator for young social innovators (in-person in Cambridge)


blended learning year round: asynchronous online courses and virtual classrooms in the fall and spring, in-person events in winter and summer.

global and local perspectives: learning about innovation, leadership, global issues, cross-cultural communication and managing yourself and others.

gaining 21st century skills: develop communication and collaboration skills in international environment, network with Harvard scholars, promote academic confidence and prepare for college and future careers.

international cohort: a diverse group of students from US, China, Peru and more.

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